Salud for Group Practice

A comprehensive dental management system, with proven scalability, to seamlessly manage multi-site dental clinics, allowing for the centralisation of data and monitoring.

Centralised Management

Manage a network of dental clinics across multiple geographic locations, with one centralised system. Remove the considerable resource overhead required to collect and consolidate silo’d data for reporting and management, while greatly reducing IT costs.

Performance Monitoring

Real-time data available at your fingertips enables easy tracking of KPI’s across the network of clinics. Easily track the performance of clinics and drill down into the data to understand the results. Use this data to make informed strategic decisions.

A Scalable Product

A dental solution which is easily scaled and customised to the specific needs of a group practice/DSO as it changes and grows. Salud has proven scalability to cater for large user numbers across multiple geographic locations, while seamlessly managing high volume throughput.

Time Tracking

Track patient journey times, and staff time on the clinic. Patient journey time tracking allows for improved patient care and optimised resource management. Tracking staff time via Salud’s clock-in/clock-out functionality facilitates the management of resources.

Connected Network

Connecting clinics across the network allows for easy internal referrals and allocation of resources. Being part of a Salud user base spanning 5 continents allows for collaboration on best practice. Expand and leverage your professional network and avail of opportunity for global talent acquisition.

Revenue Optimisation

Real-time consolidated data at your fingertips allows for faster analysis of data to enhance operational efficiencies and increase revenue. Address shortfalls or inefficiencies with data driven decisions to reorganise treatment mixes and resources accordingly.

Why Salud?

The ability to streamline selected processes and increase consistency across a group practice creates massive potential for operational efficiencies and improvement of patient care. Salud, with proven scalability, offers the ability to manage all your practices centrally.

Remove the inefficiencies associated with multiple dental software providers and individual databases for each location. Reduce the time spent gathering data from multiple sources and instead, spend that time implementing data driven decisions to increase productivity.

With comprehensive professional and time tracking logs, capitalise on Salud’s performance monitoring capabilities. The ability to carry out in depth analysis of data allows management of dental chains to make informed decisions to capitalize on business opportunities and address shortfalls or inefficiencies.

Optimise efficiency even further by integrating all systems in use to provide your dentists with an integrated digital workflow.

Benefits to Group Practice

Some of the benefits include:

Increased patient retention

Optimised operational efficiency

Increased revenue

Trend realisation

Reduced DNAs

Improved staff performance

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“We estimate that Salud has been one of the reasons behind a greater than 100% increase in revenue from patient treatment.”

Professor Pal Barkvoll

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo

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