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Salud for Dental Hospitals

Configurable Solution

Salud is designed as a configurable solution, so it is easily modified to the specific charting needs of each dental hospital. It includes all speciality charts which can be localised to fit the requirements of each department. Salud is currently in use in multiple languages and is easily modified to cater for more.

Audit Control

Salud is fully audit-able, providing an audit trail of all data entries in keeping with medico legal record keeping requirements. All data entries are time, date and user stamped for a comprehensive record and audit trail. All data entered can easily be exported for reporting and analysis.

Controlled Access

Granular security access levels to accommodate the wide range of user profiles. Role based user profiles can be assigned with the appropriate access grants to ensure users can see and edit only what they should.

Real Time Dashboards

Bespoke real time dashboards providing a visual display for trend analysis. Real-time data at your fingertips enabling organisation wide trend analysis for resource and patient care optimisation.

Integrated Workflow

One system across multiple departments and locations, creating an integrated workflow to optimise resources and increase efficiency. Experience a totally digital workflow by integrating all other 3rd party systems in use also.

Professional Log

Salud captures a comprehensive professional log of all work completed by each operator. Young dentists want to gain invaluable experience at world renowned hospitals and under world renowned seniors. Salud’s professional log allows them to easily track this experience.

Why Salud?

Quality research and readily available data is pertinent in improving the dental care provided worldwide. From the outset, Salud was built with this in mind and so it has powerful audit, reporting and research ability due to the user-defined queries and the ease of extracting information. We train and support our clients in how to gain the most from Salud and we enable them to be mostly self sufficient, with our back up where preferred or required.


As well as facilitating the management of Administration, Clinical and Finance from one system, Salud connects and integrates with devices and other software to provide an integrated workflow. We work closely with our clients to analyse workflows and create the best solution to fit into their environmental processes.

Benefits to Dental Hospitals

Here are just some of the benefits Salud offers:

  • Real time reporting and quality research
  • Centralised management of all departments and locations
  • Room to grow with a flexible and scalable system
  • Enhanced operational efficiency leading to increase in revenue
  • Collaboration on best practice through Salud's international community
  • Data driven decisions resulting in improved patient care

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