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Salud for Education

Student Logbook

A centralised view of student performance to date, including treatment and appointment history, clinical skills and grading. Statistics can be provided in relation to a particular student or group of students.

Faculty Authorisation

Controls throughout Salud ensure completeness and accuracy of data such as mandatory fields and authorisation of student entry. Central authorisation is facilitated to allow supervisors to authorise multiple students work from one screen.

Attendance Log

Student attendance can be tracked, as well as time spent on the clinic, with Salud’s clock-in/clock-out functionality. Users not logged into Salud during a session, can log their time via the clock-in/clock-out feature from any workstation logged into Salud.

Integrated Grading

Provides the ability for faculty members to review and grade student work with no double entry of patient and treatment details. It has the flexibility to cater for different grading scores and criteria used in different teaching environments.

Controlled Access

Retain patient confidentiality through Salud’s granular security access levels, record patient consent to treatment; identify the treating operator and supervisor for continuity of patient care. Role based user profiles ensure users only see or edit what they should.

Integrated Environment

Creates a seamless solution for digital dentistry by integrating with a large number of 3rd party systems used in dental schools and universities. Allows for a totally digital workflow by also integrating with bio-metrics and peripheral devices.

Why Salud?

Salud for Education has been specifically designed for the unique teaching and treatment environment found in dental schools and hospitals. It combines grading and student progress tracking with a comprehensive clinical management system allowing students and authorisers to work in an integrated environment, using Salud as a teaching aid.

Student Patient assignment is automated as Salud for Education easily manages the demographic and related details of a large master index. Pre-clinical training work can also be logged, providing an opportunity to incorporate electronic patient record training early in student education, allowing students to focus on their patients when they enter their clinical training.

The needs of a dental school are vast and differ greatly across the globe. Over the last 20 plus years, we have worked closely with schools across 5 continents to build a product that meets and exceeds the requirements of dental schools all over the world.

Benefits to Schools and Universities

Here are just some of the benefits Salud offers:

  • Comprehensive clinical log
  • Enhanced educational research
  • Integrated environment
  • Student progress tracking
  • International research capability
  • Enhanced research grant potential

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