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Leading The Way In Dental Management Solutions

Centralised Management

Manage multiple geographic locations from one central system, allowing for the centralisation of data and monitoring.

No more siloed data or duplication.

Digital Workflow

Integrate all third party systems in use, to experience a seamless integrated environment and digital workflow.

No more double entry or frustrated users.

Data Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions confidently with real time data at your finger tips, and in your preferred format for reviewing.

Custom reports and real time dashboards.

International Community

With users on 5 continents, Salud facilitates an international user group for collaboration, networking and sharing best practice.

Connect with users across 5 continents.

See What Salud Can Offer Your Organisation

Salud for Education

Combining grading and student progress tracking with a comprehensive clinical management system, allowing students and authorisers to work in an integrated environment.

Salud for Hospitals

Specialised, flexible dental management functionality combined with specialist charts and seamless integrations to other systems in use, allowing for a comprehensive EDR.

Salud for Dental Chains

A comprehensive dental management system, with proven scalability, to seamlessly manage high volume throughput, allowing for the centralisation of data and monitoring.


Product Integrations






Years of Experience

"We estimate that Salud has been one of the reasons behind a greater than 100% increase in the revenue from patient treatment."

Prof. Pål Barkvoll
Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo.

“Salud has an excellent planning and implementation team and they give you personal attention and service that is unmatched."

Dr. Michelle A. Robinson
Associate Dean for Health Information and Business Systems UAB School of Dentistry

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